Selena Gomez Changes Eye Color—What Will Justin Bieber Say?

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Selena Gomez recently tweeted a photo of herself with blue eyes, and a caption that gave no clue as to why she made the change. Was she chasing Kim Kardashian? More importantly what will Justin Bieber say?

Selenators who have wondered what their dream girl/idol would look like with baby blue eyes needn’t wonder any longer. On April 6, the Spring Breakers star tweeted a pic of herself with eyes the same shade of blue as “a tropical ocean.” It was also the same shade of blue as her nail polish. Along with the pic, La Gomez posted a “mysterious” message.

“Me with blue eyes?” she wrote. “Huh lol.”

Well, that’s clear and concise. No, seriously, blue hair extensions are one thing, but a change of eye color is a much more serious alteration of not only one’s looks but also one’s very identity. Interestingly, her fans seem to like the new blue-eyed version of Justin Bieber’s “Latin Girl.” Most Selenators practically waxed almost poetic about how beautiful their idol looked. Only one disliked it—not because she didn’t find the azure-eyed Selena Gomez beautiful, but because she thought she should be happy with her natural eye color.

Which once again raises the question of Selena’s famous boyfriend? How will he react to her new look? Especially if she decides to keep those “tropical ocean” colored contacts? Time will tell.

In the meantime, you can click here and check out the blue-eyed Selena Gomez. What do you think?

Note to Justin Bieber: Man up, JB. At least she didn’t get a grill.

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