Selena Gomez Chugs Beer—What Will Justin Bieber Say? (Photo Link)

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Selena Gomez has worked hard to make the transition from Disney princess/child star to grown-up singer/movie star. But has she been trying too hard? Is she heading into Miley Cyrus territory? It’s true that the former Monte Carlo star has been photographed sporting some “racy” outfits lately. And, of course, there was her recent wardrobe malfunction in a pair of scandalously skimpy daisy dukes. But, seriously, the We Own The Night Tour headliner wouldn’t be caught dead hitting a salvia bong or slugging back brewskies in a bar. And yet, unbelievably enough, Selena was recently photographed doing exactly that.

A beer-chugging photo of Selena Gomez has just hit the Internet. The pic, which can be viewed here, shows Selena with three girlfriends chugging it up in what looks like a tavern. All four girls are hoisting frothy mugs of beer, from which they’ve all been drinking heartily. They even have beer-staches! Yikes! What will Justin Bieber say?

The answer is: not much. The Biebs will no doubt smile a little and then get on with his day. Selena Gomez was chugging butter beer. Her “beer mustache is non-alcoholic.” Selena, who seems to be acquiring her uber-idol boyfriend’s love of pulling pranks, posted the photo to her official Facebook page as a funny take-off on the old “Got Milk?” magazine ads.

Note to Beliebers and Selenators: Relax. The universe will not implode any time soon.

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