Selena Gomez–Cleavage Busting Out All Over

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It’s true. Yet another photo of Selena Gomez with her cleavage busting out all over during her We Own the Night concert tour has hit the media. What’s with Selena and these cleavage-baring costumes of late?

According to a report from Hollywood Life, the dress in question this time leaves little to the imagination in the cleavage department–and this is kind of a new trend for Justin Bieber’s girlfriend.

Do you think the change in what has been worn during concerts lately is something that managers and promoters are asking Selena to wear? Are they trying to make her come across as more of an adultSelena Gomez ~ performer than one who caters to tweens and young children? The Wizards of Waverly Place star has always maintained a rather demure image. Is this something that’s about to change?

Certainly nothing Selena Gomez has worn since this cleavage-baring trend has started is distasteful–by today’s fashion standards anyway. But to parents of those young girls who look up to Selena as a role model–could she be possibly crossing a line or two?

Both Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber are Christians and they have very strong family values. It would be a shame to see Selena veer away from such standards simply to lure a different crowd of fans. Do you think that might be what’s happening?

During Selena’s recent concert in Vancouver, it is reported that she made three costume changes during her 90-minute performance. All three displayed the 19-year-old’s ample cleavage–well, quite amply. Here’s a peek at one of them.

Do you fear that Selena Gomez is easing one foot over that proverbial line? Will she draw that line at displaying cleavage or will she soon be wearing costumes like Beyeonce was famous for pre-pregnancy and like Rihanna wears on a regular basis.

Current fans would likely be quite disappointed to see Selena Gomez head down that road.

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