Selena Gomez Counts Down Top 40

Selena Gomez took some time off from being all over her boyfriend, Justin Bieber, to count down the hits on the American Top 40. It’s only natural that she’d be asked to “host” the show, as she is one of the hottest little things in the world right now.
Selena Gomez 2009
“Hey guys! I’m going to be counting down the hits at American Top 40! So you can send me fan questions there and I’ll answer them on air,” she wrote on her Facebook page.

Aside from her budding romance with Bieber, the songstress is getting ready to release a new album, which is set to be huge. Her fans are so excited to hear her new music, and her addition to this week’s American Top 40 is a real treat! Naturally she is going to be getting a ton of people writing in about her relationship with The Biebs, but it’s unlikely that she will answer any of those questions… or will she? Tune in!

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