Selena Gomez Cuts Pink Horses from Her Upcoming Video After Controversy

Selena Gomez is cutting the controversial pink horses from her upcoming music video. The controversy surrounding the horses was started when the animal-loving singer Pink spotted the pastel-colored horses on the beach and complained about them via Twitter.

E! News claims to have spoken to an unnamed “production insider” who told them, “When Selena was presented the idea for the video, no one informed her the horses would be painted and she had assumed they would be colored in post-production [via special effects]. When she showed up to the set she was very surprised to see them painted.”

After Pink’s very public outcry, animal activist group PETA voiced their concern over the painted horses as well. They say, “There are no safe ways to paint a live horse or any animal.”

Selena Gomez 2009E! News doesn’t specify if it was Selena Gomez insisting they be removed or if it was the controversy surrounding them that led to the horses being pulled from the final version of the video. Whatever the reason, conflict resolved.

It was an expensive lesson to learn for the production team on the video. Next time, they will heed the source’s suggestion of coloring animals in post-production! Watch for the video for Selena’s new song, Love You Like a Love Song, which will debut on E! News on June 22.

Do you think Selena Gomez did the right thing by pulling the painted horses from the video? Share your thoughts below!

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