Selena Gomez Dishes on Justin Bieber Fans Who Hate Her (Audio)

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As Justin Bieber’s girlfriend, Selena Gomez has endured a lot from his fans. Selena’s relationship with JB’s true beliebers has run the gamut of emotional extremes from disbelief to jealousy to a hatred so virulent it actually produced online death threats. At best, it’s been an uneasy truce. Through it all, the beliebers have been open and honest about their feelings toward Selena–both positive and negative. Selena has been customarily reticent about expressing her feelings toward Justin’s fans one way or another. In a recent interview, the Who Says? singer candidly discussed her true opinion of beliebers who hate her.

When Selena Gomez was asked in a recent interview if she was “annoyed” by the beliebers who “hated” her, her reply was remarkably philosophical.

“I understand it completely,” Selena replied, “and that’s amazing to me to see how many passionate fans there are. Obviously, you’ve just gotta think of the fans first.”

Intriguingly, Selena revealed that she’d love to “be able to share more of the Bieb’s fans, but enjoys having her own individual ones.”

Selena certainly displayed a level of maturity beyond her years. She’s obviously made a serious attempt to understand the beliebers who hate her. The question is: How do the disgruntled beliebers feel about Selena’s desire to understand and ultimately befriend them? That’s moiré complicated.

Some of Justin’s fans seem to have genuinely accepted the former Wizards of Waverly Place star as a part of their idol’s life.

“I love Selena,” wrote one. “I really think she’s awesome. She and Justin are making such a cute couple. #LoveJelenaForever”

“she is awesome,” Tweeted another ” wat ever people think about justin and selena, they r the best”

Some Justin Bieber fans remained undecided, lacking sufficient information about Selena to like or hate her.

“um I dont hate selena gomez but I dont think shes awesome either,” one wrote “I mean wht are we suppose to think about someone we dont really know? people only know wht they hear about her and …how do we knw whts true… whn we dont knw thm? right? sorry. I’ll leave it at that.”

Fair enough. Sadly, there were also comments like this one:

“NO DONT BE FOOLED BY HER INOCENT ACT! Selena hates us all! She wants Justin to herself, even though he was ours 1st. And we’re more devoted than she’ll ever be to him!! And you may think…oh it’s just a harmless little relationship…BUT NO!! how are you going to feel when they get MARRIED??? and justin belongs to her and not us anymore!! He wount have time to sing anymore, he’ll be too busy with her and the marraiige and all, and i know it sounds crazy now! Like they’re too young, but people…COME ON! JUSTIN WILL BE 18 in less than 2 months!!! Selena is probably going on 20 soon, and soon Justin wount have time for music, or the beliebers! And I hate to think it but they might both end up like a hot mess, and we’ll never hear another new jb song! Thats the way you have to think about it. Thinking ahead is the way to see things. Not stuck in the moment (lol)! So again, dont be fooled by selena’s act! I dont belive a word she says, especially about liking the beliebers! Okay? So….yea take that into consideration. I LOVE YOU JUSTIN AND ALL MY FELLOW BELIBERS!!! <3 (i just dont love selena!”


Well, there you have it. You can listen to Selena Gomez’s interview below. What do you think?

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