Selena Gomez Dressing Sexier to Please Someone, But It’s Not Justin Bieber

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Ever notice that Selena Gomez is dressing sexier these days. Ever wonder why? No, it’s not for the reason most people would automatically suspect. It’s not to please her über idol boyfriend Justin Bieber. She already has him. Selena wants to attract someone else’s attention. What?! Sweet little good girl Selena two-timing the Biebs? Before beliebers and Selenators rejoice, and Jelenators burst into tears, Jelena is still steady as they go. La Gomez isn’t dressing sexy for a new man. She’s amping up her sex appeal to attract and please a more mature fan base.

The Spring Breakers star has been photographed lately in outfits featuring bare midriffs, short shorts, and skin-tight Daisy Dukes. The Disney princess has grown up, and she wants both her old and new fans to realize it. What better way to do that than through her new wardrobe choices?

“She’s dressing sexier because she’s ready to develop a more mature fan base,” reveals an inside source.

La Gomez herself revealed that she tries to never regret her more provocative wardrobe choices. But sometimes, she just can’t help looking back and saying “why on earth did I wear that?”

In life as in choosing clothes, there are always regrets. Even for someone as blessed as Selena Gomez.

What do you think of Selena’s new sexier style?

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