Selena Gomez Eyed for Role in New ‘SATC’ Film

Selena Gomez may score the role of a lifetime! The young actress may soon be courted to play Charlotte York—from back in the day… before the “sex” was paired with the “city.” That’s right! Candace Bushnell’s novel, The Carrie Diaries (which tells the story of Carrie Bradshaw and gang in high school), may make it to the big screen!

Of courseSelena Gomez 2008, there are a million questions flying through the minds of Sex and the City fans, and the most important? Who is going to play the four sassy gals as kids? Evidently Selena Gomez’s name is the only one being thrown around at this point. But who’s throwing it around? Why Candace Bushnell herself!

“You know, I don’t know… casting is like kismet. I’m going to get into trouble for this, but I was looking at some pictures of Selena Gomez today and thinking she’d make a really good young Charlotte. She’s so pretty. I was like… gosh, wouldn’t she be great?” said Bushnell.

This is such a cool idea, but it seems as though the film will appeal to a different audience—especially if Selena Gomez is in it. Who can you see playing the other characters? Elle Fanning and Abigail Breslin could be good fits.

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