Selena Gomez Filming ‘The Getaway’ in Bulgaria: What Will Justin Bieber do Without Her?

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Selena Gomez has left Justin Bieber behind to film her new movie The Getaway in Bulgaria. But will she enjoy getting away from Justin?

The Biebs has been getting a lot of attention lately for his “Boyfriend” video—in it he can be seen getting extremely close to a pretty Selena lookalike that he compared to Pocahontas. But fortunately Selena won’t have to worry about Pocahontas being her stand in while she’s away since the video vixen is already married.

Instead, Justin might want to worry about what Selena is doing in Bulgaria. Hollywood Life revealed that she arrived there on May 5, which marks the start of a six week stay. Instead of Justin Bieber being there to keep her company, Selena Gomez will probably end up spending time with her hunky costar Ethan Hawke.

In The Getaway Selena plays a married woman who gets seduced by a bank robber and is forced to go on the run with him. So she’ll be stepping out of her comfort zone just like she did for Spring Breakers.

She’ll also have another cute co-star to crush on. Ethan might be twice her age, but he’s just as much of a hottie as her Spring Breakers co-star James Franco. Unfortunately he’s not the most trustworthy guy—Ethan and his wife Uma Thurman split over his allegedly infidelity, and he ended up marrying their children’s nanny. So maybe Justin Bieber might want to take a little trip to Bulgaria to check up on his girlfriend at some point.

And while Selena Gomez might not have to worry about the Biebs spending time with her “Boyfriend” video lookalike, she might get jealous of all the fun he’s having back home. Justin has been spending time with lots of superstars lately, including Kanye West and Floyd Mayweather, so he probably won’t get too lonely.

So what do you think—will Justin take some time off from hanging with his powerful pals to visit Selena in Bulgaria? Or will he be too busy promoting his album ‘Believe?’

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