Selena Gomez Flirting with Niall Horan After Split from Justin Bieber

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Selena Gomez is allegedly getting over her breakup from Justin Bieber by flirting with another massive pop star – One Direction singer Niall Horan.

According to Much Music, here’s what a source told The Daily Star about Selena’s feelings for Niall:

“Selena thinks Niall is very cool and finds his Irish accent really sexy. They’ve been chatting to each other on her private Facebook account and text each other. There’s a real spark between them. They both lead busy lives but Selena would love to get together with Niall next time they’re in the same country.”

It’s not hard to imagine Niall being into Selena. After all, she is a beautiful brunette just like his crush Demi Lovato. However, Niall dating Selena could make things extremely awkward for a lot of people.

For one thing, Niall Horan has become friends with Justin Bieber. The singers have hung out together, and they recently exchanged a few friendly tweets after Niall and Liam attended one of Justin’s concerts. It would be a major violation of the bro code if Niall pursued Justin’s ex.

It could also make things awkward between Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato. Demi has made it known that she’s not interested in dating anyone right now, but she has also said that she has a crush on Niall. So she might not like the idea of Selena and Niall coupling up. However, if Demi and Niall really have decided that they’re happy just being friends, it’s possible that she decided to play matchmaker by hooking Selena up with the One Direction singer.

It’s also possible that there’s really nothing going on between Selena and Niall since there are so many crazy rumors flying around about Jelena’s breakup, but if there is any truth to the report, Selena better be ready to experience the wrath of broken-hearted Beliebers and devastated Directioners.

So do you think that Niall and Selena would make a cute couple, or do you think that they should stay away from each other in order to avoid a war between the Biebs and 1D?

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