Selena Gomez–From Disney Kid to Sexy Star

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Selena Gomez has undergone quite an incredible transformation in the past couple of years. She has grown from being an absolutely adorable little Disney kid to a very stylish and rather sexy star. Some people aren’t sure what to think about this either.

According to a report from Hollywood Life, of course everyone knows that even Disney stars grow up. But when one has been as steadfastly sweet and innocent as Selena has, it’s sometimes a bit difficult for fans to let go of that persona.

Of course Selena is still sweet. She has a reputation in the entertainment industry of being kind, honest, down to earth and all-in-all just a very ‘normal’ young woman who hasn’t let her celebrity status go to her head. But there’s that other transformation that is seen as a bit questionable by some fans–perhaps more so by the parents of some of those fans.

Selena Gomez ~Selena Gomez has truly transformed into a stunningly beautiful young woman. She is Justin Bieber–pop superstar extraordinaire’s girlfriend. She performs in concerts, stars in movies and travels all around the world. With this success comes a vast change in style, as Selena Gomez comes into her own as a woman. Her sexuality is becoming more and more prevalent and the styles she sports on stage are clearly indicating that. Justin Bieber no doubt loves how Selena looks–but parents of impressionable young fans are raising a few eyebrows.

Selena isn’t doing anything wrong. When compared to other pop stars, her fashions are still well within what is considered to be the polite and appropriate realm. But you see, where Selena has grown up, her fans haven’t. Her average fan base is about 11 years old, and parents of 11-year-old girls much preferred her as the Disney kid.

And then there’s that issue of Selena’s relationship with Justin. The two have traveled around the world together and word always manages to hit the press of the lavish hotel suites the two of them stay in–together. Welcome to the real world! Boys and girls don’t always wait until they’re married to have sex. Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber are incredible young adults–but they’re young adults, complete with those raging hormones that accompany those growing up years. And unfortunately, parents of Selena’s fans don’t want to think about a Disney star having sex. It just doesn’t fit in with the squeaky clean and adorable Disney image.

Life, however, being as it is, doesn’t necessarily accommodate the needs of Disney star’s parent’s wishes. So parents of Selena’s young fans (who still watch the pop star on Wizards of Waverly Place) should probably use this opportunity to have some serious heart-to-heart talks with their kids. There is something they should definitely keep in mind when doing so, however. If Selena Gomez (and Justin Bieber, too) are all they have to worry about as idols in their children’s life–things aren’t nearly as bad as they perceive them to be!

So what’s your take on Selena’s transformation from Disney star to sexy actress and singer? Will parents of fans be able to roll with the transition she’s making?

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