Selena Gomez Furious with Justin Bieber—Tweets Telling Picture

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Selena Gomez rarely talks about her relationship with Justin Bieber nor does she use social networking very often to talk about her personal life. Apparently, the breakup rumors are starting to get under her skin, and she could not keep her mouth, or Twitter fingers rather, contained any longer.

Late last night, November 8, Selena tweeted a picture of Justin posing with his pal Lil Twist. Justin posing for the camera is nothing new, but the photo bomber is obviously what Selena was trying to point out. The photo interloper was none other than Victoria’s Secret model, Barbara Palvin. No big deal right? Justin was performing at the show, and of course, he posed with several of the gorgeous ladies. Who wouldn’t?

The problem is Barbara does not like Selena. So, can you imagine Selena’s ire to see her man cozying up with somebody who has made it plain she doesn’t like her? Along with the picture, Selena tweeted an odd, but telling message, “….” Yes, you are reading that right. No words.

Words are obviously not needed. See, Barbara was a part of a live streaming video, and she clearly says, “I don’t like Selena Gomez, by the way.” Now, she may have been referring to Selena’s music, but the words are out there and no matter which way you cut it—they aren’t nice.

Does this tweet confirm the rumors? Are Justin and Selena well and truly over? Judging by this picture, it looks as if Selena is the one who did the dumping. Her boyfriend has clearly developed a wandering eye.

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