Selena Gomez Gets Boob Job But Not For Justin Bieber?

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Rumor has it that Selena Gomez has had a boob job. Yes, the former Disney darling has allegedly doubled in size on top, but she didn’t do it to please her pop wunderkind “Boyfriend” Justin Bieber. She did it for her career.

According to Renier Palland at Celeb Dirty Laundry, the rumor mill has churned out a new tall tale. In this one, Biebs’ Disney darling lady-love recently went under the knife in an attempt to compete as a grown-up in breast-obsessed Hollywood. As if being the Teen Dream’s squeeze hasn’t given La Gomez enough of a leg up the ladder, she has to get a boob boost as well?

Apparently, proof of the Spring Breakers star’s alleged mammary augmentation lies in an In Touch Magazine report claiming Selena’s breasts have “doubled in size, and no, they’re not talking about weight gain.”

“It looks like Selena has had breast implants,” revealed a doctor. “She has way too much upper fullness for that to be natural.”

Right. But does that automatically mean she’s had a boob job? Perhaps she was simply wearing a really good push up bra, and her photographer was an expert at creating optical illusions through lighting.

While anything is possible, especially in Hollywood, the squeaky clean Wizards of Waverly Place alum getting breast implants is highly unlikely. Since leaving the Disney dream machine that shaped and guided her since childhood, Selena had been even more careful than her uber famous beau to safeguard her PG-13 image. Although she has occasionally teased fans with teeny bikinis, minor wardrobe malfunctions, and—yes, even attempts at serious cleavage, she’s always tacitly promised more than she’s ever delivered. A boob job would move her into Miley Cyrus territory—a danger zone that she has so far successfully avoided. Why would she suddenly decide to change an M.O. that has, so far, worked very well?

Renier Palland is probably right on the money on this one. Selena Gomez’s rumored boob job is just that—a rumor.

But stay tuned anyway.

Photo source: All Star Cleavage

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