Selena Gomez Gets Extensions for New Movie

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Selena Gomez has changed her hair again! The actress has traded the purple-tinged beachy waves that she sports in Spring Breakers for some long, lighter-colored extensions now that she’s moved on to filming her next movie.

Selena recently shared a photo of her new sleek hairstyle with her Twitter followers along with this message: “Spring breakers is done now hairs done for the next movie! :)” Her fans obviously dig her longer locks, because a Hollywood Life poll shows that over 80 percent of voters love the look, which can be seen here.

Selena’s style change came on April Fools’ Day when her boyfriend Justin Bieber was trying to fool his fans with some big hair news of his own – he tried to trick Beliebers into thinking that he shaved his head. But unlike Selena, he failed to offer any evidence of his new ‘do.

So what movie role did Selena Gomez get extensions for? One project she’s involved with that is currently filming is the earthquake movie Aftershock, which stars and is produced by her pal Eli Roth. It’s a horror-thriller set during the aftermath of an earthquake in Chile, but the real horror will probably come from a group of inmates in an insane asylum that escape instead of the quake itself. Selena only has a cameo in the movie, so maybe she’ll actually get killed off in it. However, she probably finished filming her part in Aftershock while she was performing at a concert in Chile, so maybe her extensions are for another role – she’s also been linked to a movie called Hot Mess.

Selena Gomez actually talked about Hot Mess earlier this year, so it seems like the most likely culprit. It’s a comedy about four girls who try to avoid becoming the hot messes that they seemed destined to turn into. But Selena’s hair certainly doesn’t look like a hot mess now, at least.

So what are you looking forward to more — Spring Breakers or some of Selena’s other future projects?

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