Selena Gomez Gets Stomped by Fashion Police

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Selena Gomez was the subject of the Fashion Police, but it wasn’t about the dress she was wearing when spotted by the spies who work for this sartorially selective television program.

In fact, the article of debate was a pair of boots that this pretty young artist was rocking.

That’s right!

The E! Entertainment show that picks which celebrities look good and which ones do not in their outfits of choice discussed Justin Bieber’s girlfriend’s feet—or at least what was on them when she was performing in Los Angeles.

The boots in question, which came to just below the knee and which looked a bit like lace, were very sexy and, of course, were made by Christian Louboutin. Selena’s toes were popping out the front of the footwear, making them even more exciting than most subjects in this shoe category.

While everyone agreed that these boots were amazing on Selena Gomez, one of the arbiters on the panel did say that the boots in question can be hard to wear.

George Kotsiopoulos commented that Gomez did a good job while she donned them, pairing the Louboutins with a loose dress to show off the footwear to their full advance. He also added that Selena “dressed really well.”

Kelly Osbourne agreed, possibly with a little shoe envy since this fashion plate loves certain specimens that are made for walking (or posing).

That said, Selena Gomez was a definite style leader when she got stomped on by the Fashion Police this weekend. No doubt if Justin Bieber was there he, too, would be talking Selena up just like the E! Entertainment crew did because that’s the kind of boyfriend this singing sensation is. But Gomez didn’t need any help just then, doing fine on her, uh, own two feet.

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