Selena Gomez Gives First Interview Since Justin Bieber Split

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Although Selena Gomez & her recently dumped “Boyfriend” Justin Bieber are no longer joined at the hip as Jelena, they are still almost identical in one respect. Both refrained from talking about the recent dissolution of their highly publicized two year relationship in their respective post-breakup interviews. In fact, Selena remained even more close-mouthed than the Biebs.

In her first interview since extricating herself from her relationship with Justin Bieber, La Gomez took the high road all the way. Of course, refraining from talking about the split was a tad easier for her since, unlike her hapless ex-beau in his recent radio interview, Selena was never asked a direct question about the split. Thus, in her Associated Press interview at Glamour Magazine‘s Women Of The Year gala on November 12, the “Who Says” said nothing about the break up or the Biebs. She kept strictly to the high road, and she kept it strictly professional.

Yes, much to the disappointment and dismay of fans and haters alike, JB’s former lady-love decided to “stay positive,” and she restricted her conversation to the joys of entertaining and educating her fans.

“…honestly, it’s the feeling, if I can be selfish for a little bit,” Selena Gomez explained, “because it just makes me feel so good to be able to make kids smile and to make families — bring them together — it really is special. And then there’s the whole act of actually being able to use what I have to educate kids my age and other people on what’s going on around the world ‘cuz people tend to forget sometimes.”

Of course, Selena is absolutely correct. The world is vast, and filled with people and cultures very different from the quotidian reality experienced by most Americans–regardless of age. On the other hand, she must have known her fans were eager to hear the details of what really happened with JB and how she really felt about it. Nevertheless, most Selenators were no doubt proud of her for, just this once, disappointing them.

Stay tuned.

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