Selena Gomez Had to Fight to Become a Jail Bird in New Movie

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Selena Gomez had to fight to win the role of a bad girl/jail bird in the movie Spring Breakers, and it’s a wonder she’s not traumatized after what she had to do.

The former Disney star that endeared herself with a young audience on Wizards of Waverly Place seems to be desperate to show everyone that she’s ready to take on more adult movie roles, but who she chose to work with for her first gritty film is quite shocking.

Director Harmony Korine is known for making strange movies that often feature some rather disturbing and unnerving scenes, but according to OK! Magazine, Selena Gomez watched all of them. Here’s what she said about winning the role in Spring Breakers: “I watched all of his films. I had to fight for that role because I flew to his house in Nashville and watched all his movies. I was like, ‘I want to be in your movie’ and he auditioned me for like an hour or two hours and it was awesome. Then I got the part so I am excited.

It’s really hard to imagine Selena snuggling up with Justin Bieber and watching a movie like Gummo, which features a boy drowning a cat, a child molester, some rather racist conversations, some disturbing photos of a teen boy in drag, and other bizarre imagery. And it’s certainly strange to imagine the squeaky clean teen viewing Trash Humpers, which is about a group of old people who like to simulate sex with trash bins (hence the movie’s name).

But evidently Selena Gomez was not too traumatized by watching all of this – here’s what she said about working with Harmony Korine: “It is something that is very dark and is very different and I am excited to be able to work with him.” She also says people will be “a little surprised” by the movie, but she isn’t concerned about younger viewers sneaking in to see it since it’s likely that the indie flick will only see a limited release as it makes the rounds at film festivals.

Selena says that she’s “passionate” about the movie, so it’s obvious that she’s looking forward to testing out her acting skills in something more dramatic. In Spring Breakers Selena Gomez will be joined by Vanessa Hudgens, Heather Morris, and Emma Roberts as they play a group of college girls who rob a restaurant to fund their spring break vacation. They end up getting arrested, but a drug dealer (James Franco) bails them out because he wants them to do some “dirty work” for him (it certainly sounds a lot more promising that Britney Spears’ first “adult” movie Crossroads).

And while Selena Gomez is trying to make the move to doing grittier movies, her boyfriend Justin Bieber is also hoping to become a successful actor by starring with Mark Wahlberg in a basketball drama.

So what do you think? Will these teen stars become successful older actors, or will they lose their audience as they try to do new things?

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