Selena Gomez Has New Love Interest

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Selena Gomez admits to having a sexy new love interest and it’s not Justin Bieber. How will Justin feel when he hears this news while on his Believe tour?

According to a report from Hollywood Life, Justin knows where Selena’s devotion lies, and likely isn’t giving a thought to any such nonsense. And while Selena w ••• Selena Gomez ••• ill interact with a new love interest, it won’t be in real life.

Selena is pumped about filming an hour-long Wizards of Waverly Place reunion movie, and in the film she’ll be pursued by a new sexy wizard named Dominic.

“[Casting directors say he’s] a hot Italian guy who encounters Alex as she tries to prove herself as a wizard,” a source reports. “Described as ‘handsome and mysterious,’ Dominic is ‘heart-throb, model good-looking. Did we mention that he should be really, really, handsome?'”

Who do you suppose Disney will get to play Selena’s sexy suitor? And will the two share a kiss on-screen?

Even so, Justin Bieber knows Selena loves him and he also knows she’s devoted to her acting career. It’s all a part of the business, and these two do well to recognize one another’s jobs as vital parts of who they both are.

Are you excited about the prospect of watching Selena Gomez wooed by a sexy wizard on the Wizards of Waverly Place reunion movie? Fans are no doubt dying to see Alex Russo once again, and for Disney to announce an air date for the show.

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