Selena Gomez Having Fun Post Justin Bieber Split

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Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber seem to be on totally opposite ends of the emotional spectrum following their split. Justin has admitted he isn’t exactly happy and trying to cope with the loss. Selena, on the other hand, seems to be enjoying life as a single woman.

She tells E! Online, “I’ve been recording, having a lot of fun with my girlfriends, having a good time.” That much is evident in the numerous pictures she has been posting to Twitter. In each picture, Selena seems to be showing off a new attitude. She clearly feels confident and sexy. Although she won’t say for sure what her next album will be like, she does say, “I’m having a lot of fun expressing everything that I’m feeling.”

Selena is clearly not willing to be the meek ex-girlfriend who fades away. Instead, it is like she has been reborn. “I’ve been telling people I’m definitely a little bit more sassy now.” She adds, “I’m a little bit more mouthy.” Wow! Somebody has got their sassy pants on.

Her new, more aggressive attitude will certainly come in handy as she prepares to promote Spring Breakers. Her role in the film is definitely more mature and will finally separate her from that squeaky clean image that she has clung to. “I think it will be a little shocking for people, but in a good way,” Selena says of her role.

Selena Gomez is clearly moving on and seems to be in a much better place. It is sad to see a relationship crumble, but in this case, it is probably for the best.

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