Selena Gomez Headed To Rehab For ‘Molly’ Addiction?

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Selena Gomez may seem like the perfect IT girl, but maybe she’s not so clean cut behind closed doors. Or maybe that’s just what gossip rags want people to believe.

According to a new “report”, Selena was spotted accompanying Demi Lovato to a 12 step meeting in California recently. Demi has been going to the meetings for three years now, so why would she suddenly want company? Unless she felt like she was going to fall off the wagon, there’s no reason to bring a friend. 

Is it possible that that friend needs help herself now? Possibly for an addiction to the popular drug Molly?

While it is possible — especially considering that Selena cancelled her tour recently — it’s also unlikely. Selena Gomez seems like she has her head together and seems to be well grounded. If she had an addiction problem, it would be the biggest surprise of the year.

Do you think SelGo is on her way to rehab?

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