Selena Gomez Imitates Miley Cyrus’ Bra-Flashing Trend

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Selena Gomez seems to be taking a page out of Miley Cyrus’s fashion manual. Both are former Disney Darlings who were portrayed as the ultimate good-girls. Selena has managed to maintain her squeaky-clean image, and everybody already knows how Miley focused on shredding the image as soon as her show on the network was over.

Could it be Selena is realizing you have to be a little bad to be taken seriously as an adult? Although the actress has not done anything scandal-worthy yet, she is slowly warming up to the idea of dressing a little more provocatively. This week, she has been flashing plenty of skin and bra. She copied or maybe Miley copied, the short shorts and knee-high boot look and now the two are sharing another look.

Yesterday, Selena went out for breakfast with her family in an ensemble that seemed completely acceptable from the front view, but it was the side view that was a little out of character for the star. The sides on her black tank were split all the way down to her waistline. The large holes revealed her mint-green bra! It is not exactly scandalous, but it seems Selena Gomez is amping up her sex appeal by wearing more revealing clothes.

You can check out the pictures here. Hopefully, Selena will not imitate everything Miley does. At least, Selena actually wore a bra, unlike her fellow Disney pal.

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