Selena Gomez Inspiring Revealing Trend? Vanessa Hudgens Goes Skimpy!

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Selena Gomez may have just jump-started a trend! Even though boyfriend Justin Bieber isn’t by her side on the Florida set of Spring Breakers, the movie that she’s currently filming with co-stars Vanessa Hudgens and Ashley Benson, Gomez is still putting forth some sexy and skimpy looks of which the Biebs would certainly approve. Her latest revealing moment had her jumping out of her trailer in a super-short dress (or very long T-shirt), where she flashed perhaps a bit more than she intended.

Not that anyone took offense to her leggy look. In fact, it seems Gomez has inspired her co-stars to take the plunge and literally hike up their pants, showing off their assets. As Daily Mail reports, a blonde Vanessa Hudgens was recently spotted in a pair of hot pants so short that they barely crossed the line from underwear to outer wear… and that barely covered her bum. The “shorts” were black and had a zipper up the side. They were made all the more revealing with the sheer-paneled top that Hudgens wore with them.

File:Selena Gomez 2011, 2.jpgHudgens was also photographed in an equally short and, this time, skin-tight pair of denim that flashed plenty of flesh. Not to be outdone, though, Ashley Benson has rocked the teeny-tiny trend with a handful of slight Daisy Dukes that boast hardly any fabric to their name.

Obviously, Selena Gomez, Ashley Benson, and Vanessa Hudgens share way more in common than burgeoning friendships and star-studded credits. They all have similar taste in skimpy fashion!

But, what can one say?! It’s Florida. It’s sunny and warm. The starlets are filming a wild movie called Spring Breakers (They might as well be on Spring Break themselves, as they look like they’re having plenty of fun on set!). Hot, sexy styles fit the territory for Gomez and her girlfriends… Bieber or no Bieber!

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