Selena Gomez Jealous of Justin Bieber’s Contact with Chanel Celaya

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Selena Gomez is jealous of the attention Justin Bieber paid to Chanel Celaya—an actress in one of his music videos. Some say the reason for their break up came when Selena found he’d been secretly texting her.

According to a report from Hollywood Life, Justin made out with Chanel Celaya in the video. That and the fact that she’s drop dead gorgeous made Selena very upset.

“Everything actually started with Chanel Celaya, who he made out with in his video, ‘As Long As You Love Me!’ Selena was INChanel CelayaCREDIBLY jealous between the amount of time they both were hanging out. And she was also jealous over the attention he gave to her. Selena then found texts that Justin sent to Chanel that were more sexually toned,” a source explains.

Had Justin simply been honest, there might not have been such a problem.

“Selena brought it up angrily to Justin who denied any wrong doing, which Selena then got more mad at Justin for lying. Making things that much worse,” the source adds.

Have you seen Justin’s As Long As You Love Me music video? If so, you’re no doubt familiar with Chanel Celaya. Do you think Selena has anything to be jealous of? A photo of Chanel appears in this article.

“There was a major trust issue that was broken and Selena took things to heart. Justin and Chanel are not an item but there was definite flirting through text between the two during and after the video was made. Justin was just dumb and didn’t erase the evidence,” the source says.

That’s not fair. Justin shouldn’t be called dumb for not erasing evidence. He should be called untrustworthy for keeping such secrets in the first place. If his texts to and from Chanel Celaya were nothing but business related—or even just the back and forth texting of a couple of friends, then why did he try to keep it from Selena Gomez?

It sounds like the Biebs was caught red handed, and his Wizards of Waverly Place girlfriend is beyond hurt.

Can you blame her?

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