Selena Gomez Joins Justin Bieber at Blue Plate Diner

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Selena Gomez joined boyfriend Justin Bieber for dinner at the Blue Plate Diner in Edmonton, New Brunswick, Canada on Saturday afternoon. It didn’t take long for the diner to fill up with young girls, but the fast-thinking owners made sure the couple enjoyed their meal in relative peace.

According to a report from the Edmonton Sun, the two requested a corner booth and tried to seclude themselves long enough to eat their meal. An accompanying security guard did his best to keep the young girls away from their table.

Owner John Williams wasn’t all that familiar with Justin Bieber.

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez“It took me a few minutes longer to figure out who he was, I didn’t know. My staff is all younger than me,” he said.

Williams did note, however, that the bandanna Justin wore in an attempt to disguise himself did little to nothing of the sort. He and his staff seated their older patrons nearest to Justin and Selena–leaving the spots furthest away from them for the young girls coming in hoping for a glimpse of the “As Long As You Love Me” singer.

Selena Gomez dined on rancheros huevos while Justin ate what most boys his age come in to the diner for–scrambled eggs, crisp bacon, white toast and chocolate milk.

Can you imagine how exciting it must have been for all the people inside Edmonton’s Blue Plate Diner to realize Justin Bieber and his adorable girlfriend were right there in their midst? One might think Justin and Selena would dine only in 5-star restaurants, but that’s usually not the case unless it’s a very special occasion. The two are very humble, and much prefer places like the Blue Plate Diner.

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