Selena Gomez Mad at Justin Bieber Kissing Her Look-Alike? New Pic Says Yes

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Remember when Justin Bieber was snapped kissing a Selena Gomez look-alike on the set of his Boyfriend music video? And then the real Gomez showed up on the set. Oops. Several fan sites wondered if the Who Says? singer might have felt a twinge of jealousy seeing her Never Say Never man lip-locking a strange girl who looked a lot like her. But those rumors were quickly dispelled by the heart-felt and camera-ready PDA exhibited by Selena and the Biebs after the shoot ended. If Selena was upset, she sure didn’t act like it. Of course, she is an actress after all, and she’s been one since the tender age of 9. Could it be that, on the inside, she was seething? A recently unearthed photo says “Yes.” And so does a JB fan site poll.

A new odd photo of Selena Gomez has just appeared on Justin Bieber fan sites. The photo is shown juxtaposed to a still photo of Biebs enthusiastically making out with the Selena clone. The weird photo was reportedly snapped as the real Selena Gomez was getting out of her car on her surprise visit to her Boyfriend‘s music video shoot. Awkward? Well, La Gomez does not look happy. In fact, she looks mad as hell.

If Selena was indeed as angry as her shocked and scowling countenance in the photo suggests, she quickly recovered her composure. A pic snapped minutes later showed her greeting Justin by leaping into his arms and straddling him for a kiss-fest of her own. Could that enthusiastic greeting have been a jealous reaction to the scene she’d just witnessed? Was it her way of saying to the Selena clone, “Back off. He’s mine?” Possibly.

A Justin Bieber fan site poll asked the question: “Do you think Selena Jealous?” A 60.29 percent majority voted “Yes! Of course!” Only 39.71 percent responded “No, she knows it’s just an act.”

So there you have it. You can see both pics by clicking here.

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