Selena Gomez Mobbed at LAX (Video)

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Selena Gomez is definitely not meeting up with Justin Bieber on his days off from his Believe tour. Selena flew back into LAX on Sunday night and was greeted by a mob of paparazzi. The poor girl looked exhausted and tried her best to hide behind her pillow as she made her way through the airport.

In the video below, there are two fans who are waiting to see Selena. The “Who Says” singer could have probably coped with the adoring young ladies, but it was the pushy paparazzi she clearly wanted to avoid. As soon as she makes her way out of the terminal, she sees what is waiting for her and stops. She almost seems hesitant about even trying to make her way to the waiting car.

Instead, she gathers her courage and strength and puts her pillow over her face. Have you ever tried to walk with a pillow in your face? Not exactly easy. The poor girl was literally surrounded. Photographers had their cameras within inches of her face as they packed onto the escalator with her. Despite being peppered with questions about her relationship with Justin Bieber, she stayed mum.

What a nightmare! Hopefully, Selena Gomez was able to go home and get some much needed peace and quiet. Why do these paparazzi ask such silly questions of celebrities in these situations? Do they really expect an answer?

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