Selena Gomez Moving In With Justin Bieber? Fans Hope So!

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It seems that every week there is a new rumor about Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber. While most of the rumors have suggested that the two are heading for a break-up, a moving van was recently spotted outside of Selena’s home and now the rumor mill is turning, saying the two lovebirds are moving in together.

Selena Gomez 2009Selena and Justin have not yet commented on the moving van picture, but that hasn’t stopped fans from voicing their opinions on the matter. In fact, it looks as though many fans are hoping that the two are taking the next step and moving in together.

According to a poll on Hollywood Life, over 61% of fans think that the moving truck means that Selena Gomez is moving into Justin Bieber’s Calabasas, California home. Only 38% think that the moving truck was there for some other reason and that the two are not taking the next step.

The two are young and in love, so moving in together wouldn’t be a huge shock to fans. Through their relationship, Selena and Justin have made it through a lot and are still going strong (despite the break-up rumors.)

What do you think? Is Selena moving in with Justin?

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