Selena Gomez New Cleavage-Flaunting Bikini Pics Hit Internet

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Selena Gomez has been growing up at what some consider an alarmingly rapid rate for quite some time now. With her increasingly brief concert costumes and her all grown up sexy demeanor in interviews and at awards shows, not to mention her PDA-filled relationship with Justin Bieber, the former Wizards of Waverly Place teen seems determined to leave her Disney persona face down in the dust. Some have voiced fears that the Monte Carlo star is following, either deliberately or unconsciously, in the footsteps of her fellow Disney darling, Miley Cyrus. Others opine that she’s sexing herself up to please her uber-star beau. Recently, some sexy new photos of the Who Says? singer appeared online, and they were posted by Selena herself. In them, she flaunts her cleavage in low-cut bikini tops. The question is: Is Selena going too far? Is her display of skin becoming inappropriate?

On August 11, Selena Gomez snapped pics of herself on her iPhone and posted them to her Instagram account. The photos’ content was innocent enough. In one, Selena is playing with some children on a toy car. In a second photo, she’s leaning forward in close-up kissing a baby girl. Cute. However, in both photos, Selena is wearing an extremely low-cut multi-colored striped bikini bra that shows her amply burgeoning cleavage. In fact, in the second photo, the camera is staring straight down her cleavage between her boobs. Oddly enough, the baby girl in the photo is also wearing a bikini top, but the effect and the message are obviously quite different.

So, are Selena Gomez’s photos and, indeed, her new sexier, more adult persona appropriate or inappropriate? You be the judge. Click here to see the photos and to cast your vote in an online poll. Interestingly, the overwhelming majority of people polled so far think the photos of the new Selena are perfectly O.K. Good for her.

Note to Selena Gomez: If you’re doing this to please Justin Bieber, he’s probably ecstatic. The view of your cleavage in the second pic must be exactly the same one JB got when he ogled your boobs at the Much Music Awards. Just saying.

You go, Girl.

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