Selena Gomez’ New Movie ‘Spring Breakers’ to Have Topless Scenes (Video)

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Selena Gomez shouldn’t have any problem convincing her boyfriend Justin Bieber to see her new movie Springer Breakers – it’s going to feature topless scenes!

Luckily for Justin, his girlfriend isn’t the one who is going to get partially nude for the film – instead extras are being paid a little extra to take off their bikini tops.

Some very lucky spring breakers in St. Petersburg got paid to party in their bikinis with Selena, Vanessa Hudgens and the rest of the cast of the movie, but according to ABC Action News, a few brave souls were offered $150 extra to be filmed topless. So did anyone actually take the extra cash?

According to the Daily Mail, it does look like Selena Gomez is going to appear alongside some half-nude revelers – there have been some girls spotted dancing topless on the set of the movie.

Selena is obviously pretty desperate to leave her Disney days behind since she’s starring in such a raunchy film. In addition to nudity, Spring Breakers features lots of drinking, guns, and naughty language, so there’s no way that parents of young Wizards of Waverly Place fans are going to let them go watch their innocent-looking idol in her latest project.

The movie is about a group of girls who rob a restaurant to fund their spring break trip. However, they end up getting arrested and are bailed out by a drugs and arms dealer who makes them work for him. So Selena is really determined to show everyone that she can pull of playing a bad girl.

The topless scenes should come as no surprise since director Harmony Korine certainly has no problem with featuring sex in his movies – his film Trash Humpers was about creepy people who have sex with garbage cans. So if he can come up with something that crazy, there’s no telling what he’ll have Selena Gomez and her cast mates do in Spring Breakers.

It might be a bit too much for Selena’s boyfriend Justin Bieber to take – after all, he doesn’t even want to sing about sex in his songs. But as long as Selena is keeping her top on, maybe he won’t have any problem with the movie, especially with so many gorgeous extras starring in it – he obviously doesn’t mind ogling other women since he takes Selena out to eat at Hooters all the time.

So do you think Selena is happy with her decision to star in this movie, or is it possible that she didn’t really know what she was signing up for?

Check out some of the extras partying on the set below.

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