Selena Gomez Not Dead: Hospitalized Feeling Awful

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Selena Gomez is not dead, although she still isn’t feeling great. A new source says that she was admitted to Providence Saint Joseph Medical Center under an alias. She sought medical attention after having a bad headache and experiencing nausea on Thursday night.
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According to radio DJ, JoJo Wright, Gomez is “still in [the] hospital. Doing all the standard tests. No diagnosis yet. Just feels awful. If she gets better over the weekend and is cleared by the doc, she wants to fulfill the Santa Monica mall performance on Monday.”

It doesn’t seem like Gomez is going to be doing much of anything for a day or two, even if she just had a migraine. Her hospital trip is probably exhausting in and of itself! Everyone is hoping that she is going to be okay and that if it is something serious, it was caught in time. The information has been sparse at best, but the fact that her boyfriend, Justin Bieber, has been Tweeting regularly, making no mention of his ill girlfriend, is a good sign.

Fans are hoping to hear some good news soon.

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