Selena Gomez–Oops, Is This Her First Wardrobe Malfunction?

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Oops! Has Selena Gomez experienced her very first wardrobe malfunction? Well, technically it’s not the first–but this appears–literally–to be the first one that actually showed an unmentionable body part. What does Justin Bieber think about his girlfriend exposing one of her private parts?

According to a report in Hollywood Life, this incident wouldn’t necessarily have been perceived as a malfunction had a leering camera man (or woman–can’t be sexist, of course) not been peering down her top with the zoom lens.

The malfunction took place during a filming of Selena Gomez’s single Middle of Nowhere, and fans are now treated to a view of her right nipple–if in fact the frame hasn’t already been edited by now. Hopefully it has, since Selena seems like the type who would be quite embarrassed by this nip slip.

Some say Selena Gomez should know better and that she should wear far more modest clothing, however, she may not have been aware of how the clothing would move once she commenced dancing and singing. While Selena’s fashions of late have been far more mature than they used to be, she still keeps everything pretty PG-rated.

Selena Gomez has had near-mishaps before with wardrobe malfunctions. Cameras have seen up the legs of her shorts and got an upskirt view while she was on stage during a recent performance. However both of these situations only yielded views of Selena’s undies.

Probably the next time Selena films a video, she’ll consider some of that garment tape. It keeps clothing where it is supposed to stay–and all body parts rather discreetly tucked away.

Do you think Selena Gomez is becoming too risqué with regard to her clothing choices? Is she in need of a fashion makeover?

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