Selena Gomez or Taylor Swift; Whose Style is Better?

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If you saw Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift side by side, which one would you say has the best sense of style? The two girls are great friends and both date handsome, younger men. Selena, of course, has long been Justin Bieber’s girlfriend, and Taylor dates Conor Kennedy from that famous Massachusetts Kennedy clan.

According to a report from Popcrush, the friends share many similarities, but their fashion sense isn’t one of them.

Selena, at 19, appears to have a more daring sense of adventure in her clothing choices, while Taylor, 22, relies on more conservative, lady-likeSelena Gomez and Taylor Swift Forever Fansfashions with a hint of sexy flair. While there’s certainly no right or wrong with either Selena or Taylor’s fashions, you likely have a strong opinion about which you prefer.

You can check out some side-by-side photos of both Selena and Taylor by clicking on the Popcrush link above.

Do you like Selena Gomez is her hot pants or short, funky red dress, or Taylor Swift’s demure red lace dress or sexy white pant suit?

Maybe you’ll just say “both” and take away some style tips from each of these celebrity’s wardrobes!

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