Selena Gomez, Others Say No to Kim Kardashian Wedding Invite

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Selena Gomez and other A-listers said “no” to Kim Kardashian’s wedding invitation. Why did a few big names nix the RSVP for Kris Humphries’ fiancée’s big day?

Justin Bieber will be there, but why won’t his gal pal be in attendance? After all, the ceremony is billed as the “wedding of the century”—until Bieber and Gomez get, err, hitched.

It’s KK’s wedding for crissakes! But everyone that gets invited to an event doesn’t actually show up. In fact, it’s like being fashionably late; it looks way cool and ups your clout.

Kim Kardashian 5But the fact is, Selena Gomez had a previous engagement with her music thing. She’s doing so well, and is in so much demand, Kim Kardashian should be following her all over the planet.

Donald Trump was invited, but he did a thumbs down because he has a golf date, according to Holly Scoop. Now that’s arrogant!

Hold on; The Donald is playing host to a golf event in his honor. That’s one heck of an excuse.

Now here’s the biggest shocker: ‘memba Pia Toscano from American Idol? She sneakily became part of the “Who’s Who” in Hollywood when KK took her under her wing when she was ousted from Idol. Believe it or not, she is on a Summer tour; somehow, Kim must go on without her.

These are just a few big names who will not be in attendance to watch the socialite walk down the aisle. She has a lot of other A-listers that will be there. So it won’t matter if Selena Gomez and company won’t be show up. Ah, shucks.

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