Selena Gomez Pees in the Street? Wait Until Justin Bieber Finds Out!

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Selena Gomez was reportedly spotted peeing in the street. What has happened to the gracious young Wizards of Waverly Place star? It’s like she’s lost all the thoughtfulness and manners she’s perfected throughout the years. And what will Justin Bieber say when he hears this one?

According to a report from Hollywood Life, a source close to the script writer for Spring Breakers says he saw Selena pee in the street. Fortunately for all those who hold the “Love You Like A Love Song” singer in such high regard–like boyfriend Justin Bieber, Profile Pictureit’s technically Selena’s character who pees in the street.

It’s even a little bit hard to fathom Selena playing a character who would relieve herself on the street. She has always been so sweet and demure. But she did say she wants to branch out and take on more adult acting roles. And being an adult in the acting world frequently means taking on roles that aren’t always people you’d care to mirror in real life.

In addition to peeing in the street, Selena Gomez’s Spring Breakers character dirty dances and gets arrested, too. No, this doesn’t sound like the Selena everyone knows and loves, but it does sound like a Selena who is really growing up and trying hard to make a name for herself in the film world.

Do you plan to see Selena Gomez in Spring Breakers once it hits theaters some time next year? If so, start preparing yourself now. The kind and gentle young lady who poses for pictures with fans and visits sick children in hospitals is a far cry from the persona she adapts to on screen. But it could represent the start of a wonderful film career.

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