Selena Gomez Photo Shows Off Her Bra in See-through Shirt – Is It Real?

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A photo of Selena Gomez, who is now 18, has surfaced on the Internet showing her in a thin see-through shirt.

Thank goodness for bras!Selena Gomez See-Through Bra

The photo was taken with a fan, and the Disney darling was just doing a quick pose, but that flash may have been too bright, because it caused SelenaÂ’s thin shirt to show the white bra she was wearing.

However, there is a chance this photo of Gomez was photoshopped. People can do just about anything these days on a computer. It does look authentic, though, but you decide.

Besides her bra being visible, thereÂ’s nothing else thatÂ’s shocking about the photo.

Selena Gomez is going through a bit of a rough patch right now. A supposed topless photo of her emerged not too long ago on the Internet, but that was proven to be a fake. Selena is also being rumored to be dating Justin Bieber, but she hasnÂ’t officially confirmed that yet. So, who knows?


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Photo Source: Egotastic

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