Selena Gomez Poses for Red Hot Bikini Photo: All for Justin Bieber?

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Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber have been carrying on the celebrity form of a long-distance relationship lately, with Gomez in Florida filming her rather risqué role in the upcoming movie, Spring Breakers, and Bieber holding his own in Los Angeles, promoting his highly anticipated “Boyfriend” single (the lyrics of which may have a wealth of not-so-hidden references to his girlfriend). While the “Baby” singer has jetted to the Sunshine State for some romantic dates with Gomez during her off-time, it seems she’s doing a good job of keeping him (not to mention her scads of fans!) plenty interested in what she’s up to when he’s not around.

Selena Gomez has posted a number of cute, sexy and adorable Instagram photos to Twitter, both on and off the Spring Breakers set. Her latest self-portrait is red-hot—literally—and has her posing with another guy, but no need for Justin Bieber to worry!

In the candid pic, Gomez, 19, dons a playful red wig, styled with a blunt bang. While the look is kind of backstage Vegas showgirl-esque, it is certainly another sultry transformation for the starlet. Add to that her bright orange bikini top, only partially covered up with a gray robe, along with her come-hither expression that has her kissing up to the camera, and there’s only one guy she must be thinking of while taking this photo: Justin Bieber!

File:Selena Gomez 2011, 2.jpgAfter all, Gomez is not turning on the sexy factor for the, ahem, rather mature guy next to her in the photo, seen here on Hollywood Life. Perhaps he’s her makeup artist or hair stylist for Spring Breakers. Nevertheless, it looks like he got into the wig fun, too, with a black Cleopatra-like ‘do.

From skimpy attire to skin-baring bikinis, not to mention plenty of law-breaking and good-girl-gone-bad antics, Selena Gomez has definitely showed off a daring and provocative side in Florida—only for the Spring Breakers cameras. Still Justin Bieber, 18, must be liking it just fine!

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