Selena Gomez Reveals Teen Crush

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Selena Gomez shares a secret—it wasn’t always Justin Bieber who was first in her heart. In fact, when the singer, 19, was a much younger teen—say, eight years ago—she had a major crush on Justin Timberlake, reports MTV. Her favorite boy band? It was “NSYNC all the way, of course,” Selena revealed. “It was the first for me and then they did that tour with Britney [Spears] and I like lost my mind and will always remember that time in my life.”File:Selena Gomez 2009.jpg

And even Justin Timberlake had competition for Selena’s affection, right from among his own group. “I think I also, I think I liked Lance Bass as well. … He has pretty eyes.” Selena Gomez, of course, was not a famous singer then. In fact, she was a groupie, although the TV connection was already in the works. But Justin Bieber, take note. She can have a roving eye.

Unfortunately for Selena’s hopes and dreams, NSYNC lost out in the boy band competitions. But now, even though Justin Timberlake is taking his career in a new direction, boy bands are hot once again. “It’s cool, that’s kind of awesome that they’re coming back and they legitimately are,” Selena Gomez gushed. “I like it.”

Does something like this—Selena reminiscing about her teenage crushes—make Justin Bieber jealous? Or does he have the confidence to rise above childhood enthusiasms and connect with Selena on an adult level? After all, he has been an adult for almost two months now. Fans will just have to stay tuned.

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