Selena Gomez Rushes to Emergency Room After Partying with Justin Bieber

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Fans were overjoyed to see Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber having what looked like a great time together on November 18 at the American Music Awards afterparty. Both looked jubilantly happy after Justin’s AMA clean sweep. Unfortunately, what followed wasn’t nearly as much fun. the next time anyone saw Selena, she was leaving the emergency room of a Los Angeles hospital. She was flanked by Justin’s bodyguards, but the man himself was MIA. What happened?

Apparently, Selena had been suffering from an extremely painful sore throat, and she feared she might have strep throat. Anyone who has ever experienced a strep throat infection knows it’s incredibly painful and usually accompanied by fever and general malaise. Selena had reportedly experienced throat pain severe enough to call an early halt to a recording session. Furthermore, the fact that her stepfather is now suffering from bronchitis exacerbated her fears. The Spring Breakers star underwent tests for strep at the hospital, but she won’t learn the results for a few days.

La Gomez looked healthy enough when she exited the hospital on November 19. As you can see here, she was dressed casually in a “grey button-up shirt and tall black boots.” Hopefully, Selena Gomez’s tests will be negative. Few things could be more inconvenient for a singer than a severely infected throat.

Speaking of singers, strep throat is contagious. If she does have it, will Justin Bieber succumb? Stay tuned.

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