Selena Gomez Says She Won’t Risk Her Career by Drinking—Is She Dissing Vanessa Hudgens?

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In a recent interview, Selena Gomez said she values her career too much to risk it by drinking and partying. Was she dissing her co-stars Vanessa Hudgens and Ashley Benson who have allegedly bullied her on the set of Spring Breakers? As it turns out, Hudgens and Benson never bullied Selena. However, they reportedly are far more into partying than she. Is she under pressure to conform?

“I would be shocked if Vanessa or Ashley was ‘bullying’ anyone, especially Selena,” reveals an insider. “They are both really sweet girls. I do know Selena isn’t as fast-moving as them, but you have to remember she’s also younger.”

While Selena at 19 is only 3 or 4 years younger than Ashley and Vanessa respectively, the gap between even the late teens and the early twenties is an important one. Even more important is the fact that her co-stars are old enough to legally imbibe alcohol. Selena is not. Thus, Selena “might not always feel comfortable with the choices Ashley and Vanessa make in their off time.”

“V and Ashley both love to have a good time, which includes some partying,” tattles the source. “and Selena isn’t really interested in all that. She has too much on the line. The way she looks at it, her career is more important than getting drunk.”

The seemingly omniscient source was quick to add that neither Ashley Benson nor Vanessa Hudgens parties to excess—certainly not to the extent of jeopardizing their careers. They work hard, and it’s only after work that they let their hair down.

So was Selena Gomez’s comment about refusing to party her career away a deliberate or even an unconscious diss directed at her either or both of her co-stars? Probably not. As the insider opined, she probably just “felt pressure to be ‘cooler’ or whatever.”

Note: Maybe Selena just misses Justin Bieber.

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