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A new photo has emerged of Selena Gomez in some rather sexy lingerie. Is this further proof that Selena is vamping up her image? She appears in a promo for the MTV Europe Music Awards, and in one revealing clip sports a bra full of ample cleavage. How does Justin Bieber feel about his girlfriend’s lack of modesty?

According to a report from Hollywood Life, Selena sports not only the ample cleavage but some taut and toned abs as well–and while that’s indeed a wonderful thing, is it something her young fans should see?

The photo in question shows a rather demure Selena sitting at a vanity table, while her alter ego looks back at her from the mirror. The alter ego is dressed in an unbuttoned men’s shirt with the voluptuous cleavage and sexy bra in plain sight. By current fashion industry and music video standards, the photo portraying Selena Gomez would probably get a PG or perhaps a PG-13 rating. It’s not obscene. It’s just not Selena.

Selena Gomez is a devout Christian, as is her boyfriend Justin Bieber. This mode of dress simply doesn’t jive with the beliefs these two live by.

And then there’s those young fans. It’s been said before, but likely needs repeating. Selena’s fans are mostly very young girls. Those young girls–many of them elementary school aged–will now think that dressing that way is appropriate.

What do you think? Is Selena Gomez coming awfully close to crossing a line with her latest wardrobe choices?

Could it be something completely unrelated to Selena GoGomez Selenamez? Is it possible that producers, managers and the like are insisting upon such wardrobe options in order to keep Selena in the limelight–or in an effort to move her from the preteen and tween crowd and into a more adult audience?

Young girls think Selena Gomez is hip and trendy. Old girls–or women–like her sweetness and her taste of morals. Maybe she’s just growing up.

Staying young and sweet can be so much more appealing, however–don’t you think?

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