Selena Gomez–She and Justin Bieber Simply Like Being Together

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Selena Gomez claims that one simple fact sums up the success of her relationship with Justin Bieber. They like being together. Now if you think about that for a minute, that is probably a major component in almost every successful relationship.

According to Hollywood Life, the former Wizards of Waverly Place star and present star of the film Monte Carlo acknowledges that the schedules she and Justin Bieber maintain do make things difficult from time to time. However when you enjoy being together, you endure what you must, and make the very best of the time you do have.

Selena Gomez even speaks about how funny it seems to others when she and Justin show up in unusual or random places.

“We don’t even think about where we go,” she says. “We just like being together.”

And when you like being together, does it really matter where you go? Usually not. Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber have been spotted recently in a donut shop, dining at Hooters, and even taking a ride in his car. These certainly sound like pretty normal activities for a couple of teens, right? Could it be that these two are striving for as much normalcy as possible despite their immense popularity?

“I just try to continue to be as normal as possible,” Selena Gomez. “Of course it’s tough sometimes, but I’m going to be with whomever I want. That’s living my life.”

And that’s what these two stars need to be doing. Yes, they have fans to answer to, and yes, they have commitments for concerts and appearances. However behind all of that are two people in the throes of young love–an important facet in growing up–and they deserve to revel in that. And they do. After all, they enjoy being together!

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