Selena Gomez Shocker: Justin Bieber’s Lady Loves Ecstasy

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Selena Gomez reportedly has a taste for Ecstasy. And it’s not the kind of deliriously happy feelings she gets from being romanced by Justin Bieber. It’s the chemical kind. You know, the so-called designer drug, Ecstasy. The pill that makes people get so touchy feely they’ll even make out with trees. hey, it worked for Jenny McCarthy. Unimaginable though it may seem, one of La Gomez’s Behaving Badly co-stars tattled in a recent interview that the day she met the former Disney princess, Selena was in fact…behaving badly. In other words, she’d just taken two tabs of Ecstasy. Yikes. Has la Gomez gone mad? Is she chasing Miley Cyrus? And what will Justin Bieber say?

Relax everybody. It seems Selena’s drug abuse was all pretend for a scene in Behaving Badly which was formerly titled Feed The Dog. Gomez’s co-star, Oscar nominated actress Elisabeth Shue was just jokingly describing their first meeting on set. Shue had nothing but praise for her young co-star both personally and professionally.

“She’s so down-to-earth and so committed and cared so much about her work,” gushed Elizabeth. “We have this great scene together. My character, unfortunately, thinks she’s taken two Tylenols, but instead she has taken two tabs of Ecstasy. So I get to meet Selena for the first time on Ecstasy.”

So, there you have it. Selenators can now scrape themselves off their ceilings. And Selena Gomez haters can shake their fists heavenward and growl: “Curses! Foiled again!”

Stay tuned.

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