Selena Gomez Snagged by Fashion Police

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Selena Gomez was caught by the Fashion Police, snagged by these E! Entertainment arbiters for what she wore. And on her legs, no less. Talk about the ultimate Christmas stockings!

Actually, the chatter between the four judges on this sartorial television panel was all about statement tights, surely a topical trend given the colder weather and the frivolity of the season.

And so that’s when Justin Bieber’s sweetheart, Selena Gomez, was called out by Joan Rivers and her fellow fashion critics. The group as a whole liked the look of a gartered stocking in this faux form while worn under a very short mini when the singer and actress was in Paris with boyfriend JB.

In fact, this Fashion Police victim was caught wearing the above mentioned tights that looked like racy stockings while the two were out and about in the City of Light. The look, accompanied by a knee-high suede boot, was less naughty than nice and so in the end, all the E! hosts agreed that this was a good choice for wearing pairing with a hemline that took “a shocking ride north.”

And while the crew on Fashion Police were eventually OK with the Selena Gomez statement tights that “barely [were] covering her upper thighs,” this judging panel of four was not totally keen on another take on this trend from Sarah Jessica Parker when she wore turquoise tights with a neutral outfit.

Neither did they completely admire Khloe Kardashian wearing statement tights that had hearts emblazoned on them. But, in giving their comments, this group of fashion pickers did say this Kardashian sister has good legs — or at least as seen in her pick of picturesque leg coverings.

Still, by the end of this diatribe from the Fashion Police on Friday night, Selena Gomez was probably the most prominent person used for pointing out a trend that is, at the very least, a real conversation starter for fashionistas everywhere. Do you agree? Thought? Thanks.

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