Selena Gomez Still Wearing ‘J’ Ring–No Justin Bieber Breakup?

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Selena Gomez has sparked rumors about a Justin Bieber reconciliation. It was nothing she said, because she isn’t saying a word, but something she wore. That infamous ‘J’ ring was spotted on her hand on Saturday night when she flew back into LAX after a brief trip.

Does this mean Justin and Selena are still together? In the past, when they were rumored to have broken up, the ring was noticeably absent. Maybe they are already back together or never broke up in the first place. Justin, nor Selena, is willing to air their dirty laundry despite millions of fans expressing concern for their general well being. Some things are best kept private, and personal relationship woes are one of those things.

Selena did not look pleased as she made her way through the airport, which has prompted folks to assume she was upset over her relationship status with the Biebs. In several of the photos, she uses her jacket to try to cover her face, inadvertently showing off the ring.

Justin probably had nothing to do with her unwillingness to smile for the cameras. When has she ever stopped, smiled and chatted with paparazzi at the airport? Exactly. She was probably tired and just wanted to get home without a hundred flashbulbs going off in her face.

Are you excited to see Selena still wearing the ring? Is there hope Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez are still together?

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