Selena Gomez Talks About Boyfriend Justin Bieber’s Siblings on ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’

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Selena Gomez talked about her boyfriend Justin Bieber’s siblings last night, as well as her upcoming film, Hotel Transylvania, on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night. Among other things, Gomez shared that she brought Justin’s younger siblings to see the film TIFF earlier this month and really enjoys spending time with them.

Bieber’s baby brother and sister, Jaxon and Jazmyn, have often been spotted by Selena’s side, as they were for the premiere of Gomez’s film Hotel Transylvania earlier this month. They create quite the adorable trio. Selena’ latest film also stars comedy A-listers Adam Sandler, Andy Samberg, Kevin James, Molly Shannon and Fran Drescher. But she spent most of her talking about her man, Justin, and the couple’s respective families while being interviewed by Kimmel.

Looking sultry while donning a charming black dress and cherry red lipstick, the 20-year-old actress also discussed her current living situation, still living at home with her parents. After some good-natured prodding by Kimmel, Selena defended still being in her parents’ nest at a relatively advanced age, saying, “I love my family. I don’t know, I’m not ready yet. I turned 20 but I love being at home, I feel safe and it’s nice.”

It is kind of refreshing in a way to hear about a young Hollywood star who is not so impressed with herself that she has to have her own Malibu mansion or Hollywood Hills bungalow. Someone who even hangs out with kids who are not her own. Selena Gomez seems extremely grounded, despite her budding career and megawatt relationship with Bieber.

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