Selena Gomez Tattoo a Declaration of Love for Justin Bieber?

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Selena Gomez is sporting a new tattoo which could very well be inspired by her love for boyfriend, Justin Bieber. The 19-year-old actress and singer quietly went into a tattoo parlor and got some new ink. Justin was nowhere in sight, so maybe it was a surprise for him.

The two lovebirds have declared their love for each other, and Justin has even given Selena a ring. Yesterday, her little tattoo secret was exposed when a man with the Twitter name, Jordan Sandoval, revealed her new body art. After tweeting the message, he was inundated with questions from fans. Surprisingly, he took the time to answer most of them.

He calmly explained he did not see Justin Bieber or any family with Selena. Usually, wherever Selena is, Justin is, but not this time. Jordan claims the new ink is a small, black heart under her wrist. When asked about Selena’s demeanor, Jordan replied, “No, she wasn’t nervous. She is way cute.”

The inking happened at Under the Gun in Hollywood with tattoo artist Louie Gomez having the honors of permanently marking one of the biggest stars in Hollywood. A picture posted on Jordan’s account is evidence the tattoo really happened. But, the picture does not actually show the tattoo. Could this be an elaborate hoax?

Jordan replied to those questions with his own, “Why would I lie.” Lots of reasons really, but mainly, because it stirs up attention. According to one of the responses, Louie is the same tattoo artist who inked Justin’s dad. That lends a little more credibility to the story.

Selena is keeping quiet and has not responded to the questions fans are firing at her about the tattoo. Do you think it is real? Is it a declaration of love for Justin Bieber?

After her eventful day, Selena Gomez was spotted out on the town having dinner with friends. Pictures of Selena do not reveal any bandages on her wrists, but it is nearly impossible to see her inner wrists with the angle of the photos.

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