Selena Gomez, Taylor Swift Became BFFs Because Nick and Joe Jonas Dumped Them

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Ever wonder how BFFs Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift became such great friends? They both got dumped by Jonas brothers at almost the same time. Heartbroken and depressed, they found they could understand and commiserate with each other. Ah, the ties that bind.

In a recent interview, Taylor Swift talked about her close friendship with Justin Bieber’s lady-love, Selena. The two girls have been fast friends since 2008 when Selena was dumped by Nick Jonas. That same year, his brother Joe Jonas kicked Taylor to the curb. Almost inevitably they ended up crying on each other’s shoulders and holing up together chowing down on comfort food.

“We love food,” admitted Taylor. “Me and Selena, we just are constantly thinking of what to eat next. Everything. One of our early on friendship bonding moments was a couple years ago when both of us were really going through heartbreak situations. I just called her and I was like, ‘I’ll be over there in 10 minutes with a bunch of junk food.’ Ever since then, we’re just been kinda like sisters, it’s more of like a sister bond. We’ve known each other since the time that we were both like here [pointing down] and then things kind of sped up with our careers and things went [motioning uphill] at the same time and our friendship stayed intact.”

Oh well, there are all sorts of ties that bind. It’s a good thing that something good came out of Selena Gomez’s and Taylor Swift’s respective breakups with Nick and Joe Jonas. And it’s wonderful that their friendship has endured.

Girl power forever!

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