Selena Gomez, Taylor Swift Get Rude in Restaurant—What Will Justin Bieber Say?

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Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift are two of young Hollywood’s most perfect role models.The former Disney darling and the sweetheart country songstress are both so sweet and squeaky clean they can do no wrong. Selena is practically joined at the hip with her ubiquitous “Boyfriend” Justin Bieber, and La Swift once went on a dinner date (sort of) with Mr. Squeegy Clean himself, Tim Tebow. So why were these TWO “good” girls recently publicly reprimanded at an L.A. eatery for being rude to one of the establishment’s employees? Yikes. What would Justin Bieber say?

Reportedly, it all started when La Gomez and her blonde BFF, “gabbed and giggled” so loudly that they could be heard all over the restaurant. Usually, that would have been only mildly annoying, but Swift and Gomez allegedly added insult to injury by babbling while one of the restaurant’s singing waiters was trying to entertain the other diners. Selena’s and Taylor’s fellow diners were not amused, and they shot the two girls “sharp stares.” But alas, the rude celebs ignored their withering glances. Finally, one woman couldn’t take it any longer, and she told the famous duo to shut up. But in a much more polite way of course.

“Excuse me,” the lady admonished them. “When you perform, don’t you want people to stop talking and listen?”


Selena Gomez was apparently too shocked and/or embarrassed to respond, but that was O.K. At least she stopped yapping. Taylor Swift, properly chastised and deeply embarrassed, mumbled:

“You’re absolutely right!”

The waiter was no doubt grateful. The other diners no doubt approved. And Tim Tebow would have been proud. As for Justin Bieber and his probable reaction, who knows? Of course, the Biebs has indulged in some rather odd behavior himself recently including but not limited to sporting a “F**k you” shirt last week in Florida. He’ll probably keep mum on this one.

Click here to see a photo of the apparently chastised and silent Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift.

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