Selena Gomez Teeters on Grown-Up Stardom with “Monte Carlo”

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Selena Gomez will play three characters in the upcoming feature film, “Monte Carlo” said Gomez’ co-star in the film, Leighton Meester, who plays her stepsister, Meg. “One was Grace. One was Cordelia,” a look-alike nasty English heiress. “And one was Grace being Cordelia.”

The roles certainly presented a challenge for the young actress, who is best known for her appearances in Disney’s “Wizards of Waverly Place” and for dating omnipresent tweener, Justin Bieber.

“I was really nervous because Cordelia is a totally different character, completely evil and she had an accent,” Selena Gomez said. For Cordelia’s English accent, Gomez worked with a speech coach for two weeks.

Cordelia’s designer duds were also something else, the actress said. “My personal clothes are just kind of simple. I like classic things,” said the petite actress/singer. “Grace’s wardrobe was very Texan, very simple but very pretty. Cordelia’s was very intense. I mean, she wore really amazing dresses and jackets — and glasses and purses and earrings. It was really fun to create that whole vibe because she wasn’t the kind of heiress that I thought she was going to be. She was very high-fashion.”

Perhaps, in some ways, the juxtaposed roles will represent a jump in Selena’s career: from the sweet and simple Disney girl from Texas to the sophisticated Hollywood A-lister. Which do you think Biebs would prefer?

Gomez, who turns 19 years old later this month, was 17 when she filmed “Monte Carlo” in Budapest, Paris and the tiny principality of the title on the Mediterranean Sea. Let’s hope, as Selena becomes an adult, that she doesn’t go the way of fellow ex-Disney girls such as Britney, Lindsay, Christina and Vanessa in completely sullying the wholesome image that won her her fame in the first (Waverly) place.

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