Selena Gomez to Belt Out Haunting Duet with Deceased Namesake

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Selena Gomez’s decision to leave music behind and embark on Hollywood movies means that fans will not expect any new music from the pop singer in the near future. This is almost the case, except for one new song that will get released in April. You’ll hear Selena Gomez in a duet with the late iconic singer with the same first name “Selena.” This is the woman who today’s Selena’s named after, as Gomez’s mother is a die-hard fan of the late Latin singer.

When Abraham Quintanilla heard Gomez’s rendition of “Bidi Bidi Bom Bom” on YouTube, he knew she’d do justice to this new project of his late daughter’s duets. The music is pulling at the heartstrings at the late Selena’s surviving loved ones as her sister, Suzette Quintanilla said, “It was as if she just recorded the music in the studio last week,” according to

One of the first to attempt of combining a deceased singer with someone who’s living in a duet turned out as a gigantic success, and that piece of “Unforgettable” music came from Natalie Cole and her late father Nat King Cole. When this duet first hit as a music video, there wasn’t a dry eye sitting in front of the television screens at home while watching this. It was hauntingly beautiful and it sounded as if they recorded this together in the same studio.

Selena Quintanilla, whose known as simply “Selena,” was a Mexican-American singer and song writer whose murder at 23 years old put the music world and her fans in shock and mourning. The late Selena took the music world by storm and shared the same type of popularity that Justin Bieber enjoys today.

Along with Gomez singing “Bidi Bidi Bom Bom” with the late Selena, song duets include Juan Magan, Don Omar and Cristian Castro. The music genre’s differ between the songs, from pop music to rap and reggae. The album called, “Enamorada de Ti,” will release on April 3rd.

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